bdr logoResults comparable to medical skin treatment
bdr is increasingly used by dermatologists and aesthetic plastic surgeons too effectively supplement pre-and post-plastic and aesthetic procedures. This unique combination makes "beauty defect repair" a method that is without competition in the entire field of facial treatments.

Dr. Holzschuh (plastic and aesthetic surgeon): "Undoubtedly, the bdr method is in itself a cosmetic treatment, which shows success that can be excellently combined with plastic surgery. This forms a synergy between plastic surgery, skin care clinics and somatologists for dermaceutical regeneration.

Numerous doctors have replaced previous cosmetic-medical treatments with the innovative bdr method. These treatment methods – unique throughout the world – are also practised in professional cosmetics institutes as well as 4 and 5 star hotels.

bdr overview

In the last few years, bdr has established itself as a specialist in the field of medically oriented skin care. A combination of modern paramedical equipment technology and dermaceutical active substance serums that reverse skin aging The treatment successes are based on the gentle and intensive bdr micro-stimulation, dermabrasion, light therapy, and massage technology (such as manual lymph drainage).


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