Dermaceutical active ingredients

Re-move Ultra cleanser

Re-move Ultra Cleanser is an absolutely 100% mineral oil and soap free facial cleansing milk. Re-move Ultra Cleanser's has a moisturizing effect as it thoroughly cleanses without leaving any oily residue. Re-move Ultra Cleanser's moisturizing aloe era base provides a relaxing and refreshing skin sensation. Also suitable as eye make-up remover

Re-move PH pure harmony

bdr's Re-move PH, a very light cleansing fluid from the Pure Harmony (PH) - Series Contains micronized silver, essential for inflammatory acne and sensitive skin treatment. Reduces sebum, balances and ensures a matte finish.

Re-action natural skin refiner

deep skin refiner

Highly active and ultra-fine molecule structure this compatible glycolic acid is applied 2-3 times a week. The epidermis is clarified, refine the pores the purification of the skin is facilitated. Regular use dramatically reduces the effect of photosensitive aging.

Regular use will also dramatically reduce the effects of light-induced skin ageing. Uneven skin will become smoother, more even and much clearer and leads to even skin tone.

Active ingredients serums


Re-charge N

Hydro serum

Hyaluron is present not only in high concentration, but also in ultrafine molecules. Re-charge N provides, binds and stores moisture. The skin not only looks younger – it is younger! The pure serum with immediate effect on the depots for a wonderfully silky skin – immediately after the first application. Without parabens, PEGs, paraffin, emulsifiers, scents or colours. For all skins, also perfectly suitable for sensitive skin that is susceptible to allergies.


contour push up

The source of moisture for your skin: micromolecular hyaluron quenches your skin’s thirst and restores the moisture content of the upper skin layers. The panthenol contained is calming and balancing. Ideal for mixed and oily skin.

Re-lax 2

Firming serum

Re-lax 2 works wonders. Age Repair in place of anti-aging. Its synergistic combination of active ingredients made from biotechnological and natural essences (including frankincense) acts simultaneously on several levels and achieves unprecedented results. The skin's immune system is revived, all repair mechanisms are stimulated. The skin looks significantly firmer, elasticity deficits are compensated, and expression lines are smoothed. Our unique, patented active ingredient ensures reactivated collagen and elastin production for well-defined contours, strong resistance of the skin and the ultimate lifting effect.


Balance care

This rich moisturizer is essential. Precious argan oil and OPC in connection with Matryxil, provide intensive revitalization and firming of the entire skin. The hydro lipid coat is rebuilt and protects the cells against internal and external stress factors. The synergy of the emulsion technology additionally increases the effect of previously applied bdr serums.

Light texture helps with quick absorption

Re-vital PH

Pure harmony

Re-vital PH is a multiple care emulsion for reddened, blemished, oily, inflamed skin and acne. Micronized silver has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antimycotic and antifungal effect. Simultaneously, further substances (including Matryxil) have a regenerating effect and prevent scarring. Light emulsion and provides a matte finish and even complexion.


Enriched nourishing formula

The new, luxurious complex Age Repair Care provides uncompromising care for very dry or sensitive skin and is one of the most advanced in its category.

re construct




Mineral mask

Special calming, anti-inflammatory, swelling-reducing mask for all skin types. Acts in a mineralising and balancing manner, and prevent reddening. The skin looks even, with fine pores. Tip: as an event mask first apply Re-charge Nano and Re-lax2 under the mask.



Gel mask

A unique, cooling and calming consistency envelops your skin and releases selected highly effective, active substances. EGF increases the cell volume. Marine collagen, algae extract and hyaluronic acid provide an intensely hydrated, smooth skin with a beautiful, fresh complexion.
bdr gel mask is available in three sizes: "Face" (complete face), "Eyes" (eye mask) and "small" (small areas).

refresh gel mask

 Bio Cell Mask

Active ingredients like collagen and ceramide will form a strong moisturizing and rejuvenating protective film, smoothing wrinkles and deeply hydrating, giving the skin a firmed and elastic look.

bio cell mask 

 Stretch Lift Mask

Long-lasting lifting effect of highly concentrated active agents, regenerating and hydrating.

stretch lift mask